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Cherries in syrup

cherries in syrup my baking saga

Hello again!!

Sorry about being a little bit late for my new post but I was busy trying to understand how all that thing about blogging works and to cope with some technical issues and some practical as well. As a new blogger I have to learn a lot about photography, writing and managing the blog.

cherries in syrup my baking saga

The past few days I read a million things about food photography. I read about setting the scenery , lighting, camera settings, props you need, tricks to use and all the tips that other more experienced bloggers are willing to share with us. My only problem is that all of them are using DSLR cameras and very expensive lenses. Well I can’t afford one so I will do my best with my Panasonic and I hope the photos will not be too bad. Thanks God I live in Greece where the light is extraordinary and always here.

But enough with my problems and searches for now. I will write all about it some time later when I will have understand more and time will have make me capable of explain all that to you so I can help you instead of make you dizzy.

cherries in syrup my baking saga

To the recipe now.

In Greece we have a category of sweets that we call them “spoon sweets”. “Spoon sweets” are just any kind of fruit or even a vegetable (or even a flower like rose) preserved in syrup. Many years ago people were saying that a housewife should always have a kind of “spoon sweet” at her home otherwise she is not a proper housewife and that because in these years the most common treat for a guest or a visitor was the “spoon sweet”. They offered it in a beautiful bowl for all the guests and everyone just take one spoon of it. That is the reason for the name as you understand.

cherries in syrup my baking saga

Nowadays are still popular but not so as a treat to a visitor as the old days. We use it in many other ways: as a sauce or swirl to an ice cream, as filling in a layer cake, as topping to yogurt or to pancakes and of course when we need a little bit of sweetness in our life one spoon is enough to make us smile!

The most common are cherry, sour cherry, quince, bergamot, fig, grape, watermelon and the list goes on and on and on….

Cherries are plenty this time of the year, so cherries in syrup it is!!

It is a very easy recipe but it requires time. The ratio sugar per fruit is 1:1 but if you find it too sweet you can reduce the amount of sugar about 100 or 200 gr per 1kg. Don’t go lower because the fruit should be preserved for some time and sugar is necessary for that.

cherries in syrup my baking saga

Cherries in syrup

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Serves: 40-50
Cooking Time: 25 minutes


  • 1 kg cherries pitted
  • 1 kg sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • juice of half a lemon



Put the cherries and the sugar in a big pot making layers (cherries first then sugar, cherries again and sugar once more).


Let stand in the pot for about 12 hours or overnight.


After the 12 hours add the water and cook for 20 to 25 minutes over medium heat stirring occasionally.


When the cherries are starting to boil there will be created foam which you have to remove with a skimmer otherwise the syrup will not be clear. Be very careful because it might bubble up and overflow so you should be there all the time. Also you have to be careful about the syrup. If you think that is too thick before the 25 minutes that the cherries need to soften you should add a little more water.


Remove from the heat and let it stand for another 24 hours covered with a kitchen towel.


After the 24 hours you will see if the syrup has the proper density .


If it is ok you add the lemon juice, you heat it until boil and remove from the heat.


If is too thick remove the cherries with a skimmer, add some water and the lemon juice and boil it for few minutes.


If it is too 'thin' remove the cherries, add the lemon juice and boil it as it is until the proper density.You should know that syrup will thicken when cooled.


Put the cherries in the syrup again and let it cool.


Transfer to sterilized glass jars.


cherries in syrup my baking saga




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